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or semi-bespoke suits whichever way you look at it; the workmanship, process and service is far more precise than buying either ‘off the peg suits’ or made to measure suits.

A G&C fully British tailored suit is hand or laser cut to your specific set of measurements and further altered by hand to fit exactly with many optional finishing details, available in 3 price collections:

Supreme; Fully British Tailored including 1-2 fittings prices from £750.

Masterpiece; choose from either the British structured pattern or a lighter European finish, prices from £900.

Why not made to measure? Many companies offer ‘mtm’ as an option. This generally suggests they will take a set of measurements from you and send them offshore to be mass produced and perhaps offer alterations at the delivery stage. G&C’s fully tailored service is far superior; offering fittings and all workmanship undertaken by our team of British tailors based here in Yorkshire.

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