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The term bespoke suit is often misused within the tailoring industry and not to be confused with made to measure suit. Two factors mainly define the art of bespoke tailoring 1. A pattern cut individually; unique to the client 2. The construction and amount of hand work involved in constructing the suit.

G&C’s genuine bespoke Imperial Collection is made completely by hand at our workshop in Warwickshire where each individuals pattern is cut to their own template. The canvass is floating as opposed to fused to give a softer lighter finish and the very finest materials are used from the ultra-fine camel hair canvass to the hand stitched silk button holes.

Most comparable to the Savile Row ‘real deal’ a fully bespoke suit will take 12-16 weeks to complete and include at least two fittings. Prices start from £1500 for a 2 piece suit.

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