At Halstead & Bolton we endeavour to provide the finest sporting experiences – home and abroad, with a varied portfolio of hand picked, quality, fishing and shooting destinations. We deliver a truly personal service, with unrivalled attention to detail and are dedicated to offering the discerning sportsman a unique experience, in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

Simon is a BASC qualified shooting instructor and has coached all levels of experience. He enjoys a passion for shooting and fishing and understood from an early age the importance of establishing a solid technique through structured tuition. Understanding the fundamentals is vital; gun fit, eye dominance, and stance are critical – even for the experienced shot. With these in place it is easier to establish consistency and therefore accuracy.

As well as private lessons, Simon accompanies many clients on shoot days, enabling them to benefit from his one to one instruction and his wide ranging knowledge of the sport, whilst in the field. Once in the shooting field the important subject of etiquette is easier to demonstrate and therefore understand.  Simon specialises in introducing ladies to game shooting please see: www.ladiesgameshooting.co.uk 

Simon’s relaxed nature reflects in his teaching style, this leads to the ideal environment for learning the basics or improving on existing skills.

Simon has been game shooting for 25yrs and has endeavoured to
expand his knowledge and experience of the sport at home and abroad.  
This has seen him leading and coaching shooting parties at some of the
finest shooting destinations our world has to offer.  www.halsteadandbolton.com